Rosen blühen auf dem Heidegrab (Roses Bloom on the Grave in the Meadow)

With actors Ruth Niehaus and Hermann Schomberg
Available in English

In a small German village in the middle of large moors, there is an old legend of a young woman having sunk in the wetland after being raped by a Swedish intruder of the Thirty Years’ war. Now young Dorothee, falling in love with the architect Ludwig, is harassed by an obnoxious, rich farmer Eschmann. The brutal man is ready to do anything to get the maiden. The history is repeating itself, as Eschmann follows Dorothee to the moors after his crime. (Summary written by B-rapunSaario.)

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Genre(s): Drama, Melodrama; Gangster, Crime, and Detective;
Theme(s): Politics;

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