Workplace bullying trial begins

It is interesting to note that there are quite a few recent articles about discrimination in Germany, particularly if the victim is a member of a demographic minority in Germany. However in my opinion, it does not say that due to this high occurrence of similar discrimination cases that Germany is unwelcoming to foreign workers, but simply shows that Germany is still in transition to accepting foreign workers and letting them integrate into society. In the United States, only a few discrimination cases make front-page news, and I venture to say the reason for that is that Americans are quite familiar to people from different shores, having an immigration history of over 200 years, which helps the level of tolerance to foreigners. However, it is only recently (from the 50s) that large number of immigrants started coming to Germany, and only a few years ago until German immigration reforms became more tolerant of foreign workers. Therefore, I think that the occurrence of discrimination in Germany is only because Germany is still in transition to accepting the influx of immigrants.

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