Der Integrator Alparslan Marx

The article “Der Integrator Alparslan Marx” is a short overview of the German born, ethnically Turkish, political cabaret artist Alparslan Marx. The self-named ‘Integrator’ is a rising cabaret star whose show, entitled “Alles wird gut” (“Everything will be ok”), focuses on Turkish integration and immigration in Germany. In the actor’s opinion, Germany will not be receptive towards foreigners until the country has defined criteria as to what exactly it means to be a German. For Marx the show is an outlet by which he can bring attention, awareness and eventually reform to the problems facing foreigners in Germany.

The appearance and rising popularity of a personality such as Marx shows the growing resonance of the cultural debate that is underway in Germany. The topics of integration and immigration are not new in Germany, but the spread of people willing to confront the issues is an important step in the right direction. Like socially conscious hip-hop, politically oriented cabaret helps to bring such questions into the greater social and cultural realm, and hopefully will help to inspire change and acceptance.

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