Muhabbet, R’nBesk Singer

Link to Website Here

“R’nBesk” music, a new mix of arabesk music, R’nB and hip hop was first created and brought to the world of German-Turkish music by singer Muhabbet. His music video, found by clicking on his photo on the website linked above is titled “Ich Will Nicht Gehen” (I don’t want to go”). Two images struck me the most-the beginning of the video presents the Turkish flag, the middle the German flag, and then at the end, the Turkish flag. “I love life. I belong to you, stay with me…My heart stops, I don’t want to leave.” Family, loves, sisters, and brotherhood are all represented silhouetted in front of these two flags, standing in a large and empty space. …it’s definitely something interesting to watch! The website where I found this video, “Step Into Germany” has some really great resources.

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