A Difficult Friendship with Obama: A Wall Separates Merkel and the Land of Her Dreams

The Wall in Berlin fell decades ago, now the US has built another one – it appears to be a division in politics. According to the article, German Chancellor Angela Merkel disapproves of President Obama’s political game. Calling Obama all talk and no walk, Merkel found herself in a similar situation of being a people pleaser with no results to prove she’s earned her spot at the table. When the two met recently in Dresden, Obama unexpectedly asked Merkel why she was opposed to allowing Turkey into the European Union. Not exactly sure what her answer was, but the Chancellor’s distaste for the American President’s way of doing things must be attributed to her unpreparedness. After dealing with Bush for so long, Obama must be a real challenge for her.

There has been a reciprocal relationship between America and Germany since America helped the country back on their feet after World War II, however it seems that Germany no longer has anything to offer the bright states these days. With that said, Merkel fears that the US will try to “dominate the European countries” perhaps due to the imbalance in power. However, the article makes an interesting play on words that seem to suggest that the power imbalance in fact has nothing to do with the two countries, but between the two leaders themselves.

Just when you think the article is calling for a divide of the two politicians by highlighting their differences, comparisons are made about the unlikelihood that the two of them would hold the offices they now hold some 50 years ago. I find it compelling that the article implies these racial and gender differences when they are both “firsts” to achieve powerful positions in their respective countries. The reason behind the antics is unclear.
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