Kreuz und Quer (Criss Cross)

CRISS CROSS ‚ these are the existential things of life told as a European family story from the end of the 20th century by means of a documentary film.

This is no TV-style reportage, no sociological analysis, but a film “looking life, and that means people, in the heart” (Robert Flaherty).

The Villano family from Italy are a convincing example for the chances an extended family may have in a “Europe without borders”, living their lives in solidarity. Contrary to what politicians may say, the Villanos are in earnest about Europe, because their whole existence depends on this Europe being more than an empty phrase. The coalescence of Europe as shown by the Villanos is no longer a question of choice, but of necessity‚ and, at the same time, a dream.

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Genre(s): documentary

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