Elefantenherz (Elephant Heart)

Daniel Brühl stars as a talented boxer, accepting an offer of a dubious businessman to become a professional. Marko Stemper, 19 years old, comes from a disadvantaged background and works as a window cleaner. His father, an alcoholic, tyrannizes the whole family, so Marko’s only joy in life is boxing. As he is the most promising talent in his club, Gerd Hermsbach, a local demimonde boss, offers him the opportunity to become a professional. Marko accepts, but has to pay a high price…

Once you’re in, you gotta win. Marco was born into a world that never really left him much of a chance. The young man is the offspring of a low social class, broken family living in the ugly suburban environment of a German ex-coalminer’s city. Stepping into the ring and striking the final, angry punch is Marco’s only escape. Wild, uncontrollable and uncompromising. He puts himself onto a roller coaster of violence, crime and a mystery, buried deep in his very own past when he signs a deal to become a professional boxer. Marco’s life will never be the same again

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