CFP – Participatory Media and Public Memory

We, the editors of TRANSIT, would like to draw your attention to our current CFP: Participatory Media and Public Memory.

For this special issue, are soliciting submissions that consider the nexus of media and memory from a variety of historical and theoretical angles, as well as from interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives. The following questions will animate our issue:

– How do changing mediascapes and new forms of communication challenge traditional conceptualizations of the public sphere? Can digital archives destabilize the dominant national politics of commemoration?

– What are the archives of migration? How do museums, monuments, and other public forms of remembrance engage with histories of travel, migration, and multiculturalism? Whose history do they document, and how can they be used productively?

– In what ways can studies of mobility and immobility transform national historiography and area studies? What insights can be gained from discussions of transnationalism, multilingualism, globalization, cosmopolitanism, and human rights?

– How might the interplay of memory and media in other periods speak to our current situation? What connections can be drawn among premodern, modern, and postmodern contexts?

All articles (in English or German) should be submitted by APRIL 2, 2012 to The length of papers is flexible, but submissions should address to a broad audience. Articles that include audiovisual materials are especially encouraged. For general submission guidelines, please consult our website. For specific questions about the call for papers, please contact us directly at transitjournal(at)

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