Moving Europe Workshop: Migrant Archives (March 7, Berkeley)

You are invited to participate in the workshop Moving Europe: Migrant Archives

Thursday, March 7, 12-2 pm,

201 Moses, Institute of European Studies, UC Berkeley

Alessandro Triulzi, (University of Naples l’Orientale, Italy) will present his work with the Archivio delle memorie migranti / Archive of Migrant Memories (AMM), an association that produces and distributes collaborative documentaries on migration in the Mediterranean. Triulzi founded the AMM in 2012 with a group of migrants, media operators and researchers, to support migrant rights and agency through audio-visual productions. Excerpts from documentaries produced by the AMM will be shown in the course of Triulzi’s presentation.

Archivio delle memorie migranti (AMM):
Deniz Göktürk (University of California, Berkeley), co-ordinator of the Multicultural Germany Project, will moderate the discussion with participants. She will contextualize the work of the AMM within the Moving Europe Project, a new Berkeley-based research network that aims to bring together scholars from North American and European institutions to discuss the dynamics of migration and media in Europe.

Multicultural Germany Project:

Alessandro Triulzi will give a keynote address on
Recording and Sharing Migrant Voices in Contemporary Italy
at the California Interdisciplinary Consortium for Italian Studies (CICIS)
on Friday, March 8th, 5 pm, Wurster Hall Auditorium, followed by a screening of Soltanto il mare / Nothing but the Sea, a film from the Archivio delle memorie migranti (AMM)

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Sponsored by

California Interdisciplinary Consortium for Italian Studies (CICIS)

Department of German Studies, UC Berkeley

Department of Italian Studies, UC Berkeley

Institute of European Studies, UC Berkeley

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