Featured Article — Welfare State Integration of Immigrants: The German Case

Student News Report by Judith Sijstermans:

This month the Institute of European Studies at Berkeley is featuring an article on the integration of immigrants in Germany. The article is written by Friedrich Heckmann from the University of Bamberg. He addresses the question: Why does Germany have integration policies?

Integration policy, which doesn’t exist in the United States, is focused on language education, educational integration for youth, work training and “migration counseling” which helps with socialization. Heckmann addresses how integration policies at different levels of government and in different areas of policy affect the majority of immigrants–that is to say “low skilled” migrants. His paper presents the current policy and makes recommendations that come from his analysis and personal experiences shaping integration policies. These include monitoring by educational boards and more cooperation between kindergartens and primary schools to ensure that all children (especially migrant children) are prepared for German education. Is the integration policy successful? Read Heckmann’s article here to find out more.

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