Shirins Hochzeit (Shirin’s Wedding)

With actors Ayten Erten, Jürgen Prochnow, Aras Ören, and Aliki Georgouli.

Shirin (Erten), a young Turkish woman, leaves Anatolia in search of Mahmud, to whom she was betrothed as a child, traveling first to Cologne, where she finds work and hopes to find him. Buoyed by the support of her colleagues, she begins to adapt to the strange new world, only to lose her job and falls into the hands of a pimp and is forced into prostitution. Eventually, she finds Mahmud (Ören), but he is not the same person he was. In the end, Shirin’s plan only brings her ruin, as she is killed in a firefight between pimps and dumped in an anonymous field.

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Genre(s): Drama

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Kumars Salehi is a PhD student in German Literature and Culture.
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