The Murder of Halit Yozgat

Commissioned by the People’s Tribunal ‘Unraveling the NSU Complex’, this documentary report by the research agency Forensic Architecture casts severe doubt on the official narrative around the neo-Nazi murder of Halit Yozgat, who was shot to death at his parents’ Kassel internet cafe apparently in the presence of Andreas Temme, an agent of the Verfassungsschutz secret service.

According to Temme’s reenactment, he was not a witness to the murder, and he was the only person to report no strange noises to the police during the time during which the shooting took place. Forensic Architecture onstructed a digital model of the internet cafe which they then built and used to investigate, in sober, painstaking detail, and independently verify the plausibility of Temme’s claims and the veracity of his testimony. Finding Temme’s version of events not just unlikely but impossible, the results of these coordinated experiments and comparative analysis of timelines point damningly in the direction of Temme’s collusion with the murderer. The evidence was presented to the parliamentary inquiry into the NSU in Hessen despite the efforts of the governing Christian Democrats.

Genre(s): Documentary, True Crime

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