Frau Kutzer und andere Bewohner der Naunystraße (Frau Kutzer and Other Residents of Naunyn Street)

With Tunçel Kurtiz, Güner Yüreklik, Krikor Melikyan and Aras Ören.

Aras Ören’s book-length poem Was will Niyazi in der Naunynstraße? finds its visual complement in this 1973 adaptation by director Friedrich W. Zimmermann, which features the war-widow Frau Kutzer, the philosopher-guest worker Niyazi, as well as other characters passing through the street. The street itself bears silent witness to the deferred good life of the laborer. If Germany is “a little America,” as the narrator tells us, could there have been a “German Dream” for the migrant worker? Or is Berlin-Kreuzberg rather the site of an ongoing nightmare filled with the specters of Germany’s past?

Genre(s): Documentary, Experimental


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Kumars Salehi is a PhD student in German Literature and Culture.
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