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Müll im Garten Eden (Garbage in the Garden of Eden)

This documentary follows villagers in Turkey’s Black Sea village of Çamburnu as they struggle with the central government’s decision to turn establish a garbage dump in the hills above their community. The film is not currently for sale in the US. Links: IMDB, Official … Continue reading

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Film Reviews: “Auf der anderen Seite” (The Edge of Heaven)

As part of their work in the Multicultural Germany undergraduate seminar at UC Berkeley, students in the course have reviewed recent German films relating in various ways to topics of migration, multiculturalism, and contemporary German identity. Ying Ruan and Ann Huang both reviewed Fatih Akin’s … Continue reading

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“Auf der anderen Seite” Review by Traci Fitzharris

Auf der anderen Seite revolves around death; in fact, the movie is separated into chapters titled “Yeter’s Death,” “Lotte’s Death,” and “The Edge of Heaven.” The final chapter, lasting only the last half hour of the movie, is the only … Continue reading

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“Auf der anderen Seite” Review by Ying Ruan

Auf der anderen Seite is a German-Turkish drama directed by Faith Akin in 2007. The movie follows stories of six people from either Germany or Turkey, presenting political and social issues faced by elder and younger generations of Turkish, Turkish-German … Continue reading

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“Auf der anderen Seite” Review by Ann Huang

In his drama Auf der anderen Seite, released in 2007, Fatih Akin depicts the fatefully interwoven lives of six individuals: two mothers, two daughters, and a father and his son. Each filial pair, distinct in its respective place on the … Continue reading

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