With actors Frank Rogowski and Paul Beer.

Premier German auteur Christian Petzold’s adaptation of the 1942 Anna Seghers’s novel follows Georg (Rogowski), a young Jewish man who flees the Nazis to France with the identity and papers of a dead author, only to meet and fall in love a woman searching for her missing husband — the very man Georg is pretending to be. Petzold keeps the historical narrative of Seghers’s novel but refuses any period piece trappings, opting instead for modern dress and sets.

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Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Historical

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Kumars Salehi is a PhD student in German Literature and Culture. Broadly, he is interested in the relationships between media (primarily film, but also news media) and political consciousness. His research interests include Marxism; the Frankfurt School; German Idealism; and German and Scandinavian modernist/art cinema.
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