Fashion labels worn by Europe’s skinheads restore their reputation

Labels such as Fred Perry, Ben Sherman,Doc Marten and Lonsdale have long been recognized as the favored uniform of skinheads and neo-Nazis alike but recently this trend is fading. Because the German government has been enforcing stricter laws on symbolism related to these groups many members have moved away from visible labels. Groups like the neo-Nazis are also changing their fashion preferences to labels that follow more of their right-wing beliefs. Fashion brands that have been associated with skinheads as well as neo-Nazis are trying to clean up their image by taking measures to promote multiculturalism. Labels such as Fred Perry have been increasing the amount of ethnic models in their campaigns as well as popular public figures which promote a new open image for the brand. Others have also tried to increase prices as well as shy away from popular colors and styles of the skinheads and neo-Nazis. Although fashion appears to be a superficial factor in the ideals and actions of these extremest parties it is definitely a step in the right direction for the design houses to make an active effort to no longer be associated with such discriminatory groups.
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