Study reveals a steep rise in German poverty levels

The rise in the number of people at risk of living in poverty in Germany is nevertheless a cause for alarm, now 14% of the population. As the economic status of people are constantly dropping, there is always the possibility of more fingers being pointed. The most dramatic rise of people now living at risk of poverty are youth from 19-25 years of age, who are more likely than other demographics to be affected by hate-groups and right-wing extremist groups in Germany, who can simply weave their misery of living near poverty into a weapon to use against foreigners in Germany. Even though there will be increases in Germany’s Hartz IV welfare program, there is still the overall problem of the downfall in the economy due to the worldwide recession, and the fear of the extremist right playing the status of the economy to further their own agenda is still possible.

Study reveals a steep rise in German poverty levels – Deutsche Welle

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