Berlin’s Ruetli School – Campus of Hope

In February of 2006, at Berlin’s Ruetli School ,students erupted into a violent mob after teachers of the school wrote a letter in protest of their students’ lack of concern for academics and their dangerous behavior towards educators.  Now, four years later, the school has been converted from a Hauptschule to a Gemeinschaftsschule and was given over 25 million euros from both the German Government and the city of Berlin to rebuild the school into a Campus of Hope.  Through the strong guidance of Dr. Ahmad al-Sadi, a Palestinian refugee, this institution, of which 95% of the student body has an immigrant background, has revived its school spirit and put an end to vandalism and rejuvenated the students interest in both academics and overcoming the barriers dividing races and income levels.

It is nice to see that the world still has wonderful peacemakers like Dr. Ahmad al-Sadi, who through their hard work and dedication can transform a forgotten piece of the world into a beacon of inspiration.  Because of his help along with private and public benefactors, what was once considered a lost cause will now help the community move towards a more positive future.  This reconstruction will hopefully open doors for the students of Ruetli school.  Hopefully, more immigrants like Dr. Ahmad will be involved in improving integration throughout Germany and the rest of the world to offer other less fortunate immigrants the opportunities these students in Berlin have been given.

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