Politiken Corrects Danish Paper Settles Muhammad Cartoon Issue

This article deals with the continued tension between certain Muslim groups and the Danish press, and in particular the newspaper Politiken that re-published a caricature of the prophet Muhammad that originally appeared in the Dutch paper Jyllands-Posten. After much public debate concerning the Western notion of free speech versus the possibility of worsening relations with many within the Muslim community, Politiken has decided to officially express regret for the affront felt by those offended. This particular case serves as another example of the positing of Muslim and Western ideals as being incompatible with one another. Does this sort of call for an apology endanger free speech to the extent that those critical of Politiken believe, or is there simply need for an increased effort in mutual understanding? It is interesting to consider how such contentions affect integration policies throughout the West as this sort of example leads to reactionary policies that specifically target non-Western immigrants.

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