Mission Possible: Why German Studies Today?

Building on existing synergies in the Department of German at the University of California, Berkeley discussed at a recent workshop, the Multicultural Germany Project (MGP) invites you to submit brief takes responding to the question “Mission Possible: Why German Studies Today?” 

These short and spiffy takes on your stakes in the field of approx. 600 words length can be posted as a comment to the Forum page of the Multicultural Germany Project website (mgp.berkeley.edu) or emailed to mcgermany@berkeley.edu and ultimately published on our main Blog.

We would also like to invite you to join us in our critical news digest efforts toward the MGP Chronology, posting links to important news and op-ed articles with source information and a very brief commentary to mgp.berkeley.edu/forum.

Blog posts can also be developed further into position papers to be considered for submission to the Interdisciplinary German Studies Conference on Traveling Forms and for publication in our electronic journal TRANSIT.

Posts by graduate students and early-career researchers are particularly welcome! If the field of German studies has a future, it will be yours!

We look forward to sharing multidirectional takes on our collective purpose! Let’s make it kraut-sourced!

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