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Abrahams Heimkehr. Geschichten zu den jüdischen Feiertagen

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Septembertee oder Das geliehene Leben

In ihrem 50. Lebensjahr steht Renan Demirkan am Grab ihrer Mutter in deren türkischem Heimatdorf, erinnert sich noch einmal an die gemeinsamen Jahre und fragt nach den Vorstellungen von Leben und Glück, die ihre Generation mit der ihrer Mutter zugleich … Continue reading

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Germany’s Favorite Fast Food – Kebab!

Full Article Here This article examined the Turkish-German industry of Kebab and fast food in Germany. The article mostly concentrated on the enormous profits that Turkish food and Kebabs offer the German economy.  Stating that the Kebab industry may be … Continue reading

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Angst essen Seele auf (Ali: Fears Eats the Soul)

With actors Brigitte Mira and El Hedi ben Salem, Barbara Valentin Available on VHS with English subtitles in USA Rainer Werner Fassbinder, already the director of almost twenty films by the age of twenty-nine, paid homage to his cinematic hero, … Continue reading

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40 Quadratmeter Deutschland (Forty Square Meters of Germany)

With actors Özay Fecht, Yaman Okay, Demir Gökgöl The tale of a young Turkish woman who, after an arranged marriage, follows her much older husband to Hamburg, where he had been working for some time. Instead of allowing his wife … Continue reading

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Anam – Meine Mutter (My Mother)

color, Germany, Buket Alakuş, 86 Min, 2001   With actors Nursel Köse and Saskia Vester. Anam is a 40-year-old traditional Turkish wife and mother who lives with her family in Germany, where she works as a cleaning lady. When Anam … Continue reading

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Alles auf Zucker! (Go for Zucker)

With actors Henry Hübchen and Hannelore Elsner; available on DVD in Germany and U.S. Review by Jennifer Lau: Nothing brings an estranged family together like the death of a loved one and the subsequent promise of an inheritance. In Dani Levy’s 2004 … Continue reading

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100 pour cent Arabica (100% Arabica)

Produced by Mahmoud Zemmouri With actors Khaled, Cheb Mami, Mouss, Najim Laouariga, Fard Fedjer, Youssef Diawara, Patrice Thibaud, Mohamed Camara available on DVD in the US and France Set in a rent-controlled Paris suburb populated entirely by North Africans, this … Continue reading

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